Little Fish Smart Display

Through Y Studios we did a deep collaboration is the XiaoDuZaiJia 小度在家 Smart Display. We developed a comprehensive program that includes design research, brand identity, industrial design, CMF development, packaging design, product animation video and website design.

XiaoDuZaiJia 小度在家 Smart Display is powered by Chinese search giant Baidu’s DuerOS. It connects family members with natural language human-machine interactions to enable video calls, music streaming, voice search, smart home controls and more. Wrapped in custom-designed fabric, it has been thoughtfully designed with a slim profile and a small footprint to enable it to sit anywhere in the home. With screen-enabled smart speakers, users can listen to music, subscribe to audio resources, chat, adjust smart home controls, watch movies, and conduct video calls.

Understanding Users by looking into what these products will be most commonly used for, to make togetherness happen.

Understanding Users though color and material, by looking at environment where the product will live. We created a set of that will blend in well to any environment and a more playful set with colors based on commonly seen in our environment research.

In order to protect the glass screen we dropped it in the fabric and capturing it the material and give it a more approachable aesthetic, one where anyone can handle the device.

In the development of this product cost was a big factor, the first unit consisted of too many parts and was too expensive. Our job was to create a cost conscience unit, in doing so a minimal form was created consisting of a back plastic housing that absorbed a lot of the bulk of the hardware, and a fabric and screen facade made to blend into any home environment.


We developed the packaging to be versatile, having the main box hold the display unit and power supply, with a sleeve around the box. Some units will ship with a dongle in a separate box, thus only needing the sleeve to change and not the whole packaging.