TiVo Streaming Boxes

Through Y Studios we developed a series of set top boxes for TiVo, developing a strong and unique design language.

TiVo Mini Vox
After our success with designing the original white TiVo BOLT, TiVo introduced the all black BOLT + and BOLT VOX. The latest addition to the BOLT family is the MINI VOX, designed to extend the functionality and enjoyment of the TiVo experience. TiVo’s new VOX series with voice control gives the user the power to watch what they want by saying what they want. The MINI VOX elevates TV watching by bringing the TiVo experience to any room in the house for a 4K Ultra HD whole-home DVR solution.

TiVo Bolt
TiVo BOLT transcends the conventional streaming device or set-top box. In designing this next generation product for a brand with so much rich history, Y Studios took the first step forward in really understanding the core essence of TiVo’s brand values. Making a bold statement while reducing complexity was the primary design motivation.

Our design captures the essence of TiVo in its simplicity, while conveying premium quality. BOLT is defined by a simple line that flows harmoniously in an uncomplicated path, resulting in a 360-degree design that looks interesting from all angles. The flowing form also provides functional airflow with cooling vents located beneath the arch.


In the development of these products a lot of form exploration and sketches were made to determine the right stance these devices should have on a credenza. Along with an attempt to modernize their fames peanut shaped remote, keeping the form similar to keep the ergonomic comfort, we explored shape variation and button layout and material execution.


Designed as a family, we wanted the two devices to look like they belonged together. People might buy multiple units for their homes to be distributed to different rooms.