My name is Cesar. I'm an Industrial Designer who loves to create.
Color, Material
& Finish
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My Work

Sonos Play 1 - CMF

We designed and supported the implementation of the Limited Edition series by working intensely with vendors in China and US to preserve and control the quality of the CMF intent.

Tivo Streaming Boxes

In partnership with TiVo we created multiple streaming and recording boxes that were simple in form but bold in statement. Taking a statement in the brief to heart, "a device that you cant stalk any other set top box on top" It lead to the design of the larger devices' gesture.

Little Fish Smart Display

Through Y Studios we did a deep collaboration is the XiaoDuZaiJia 小度在家 Smart Display. We developed a comprehensive program that includes design research, brand identity, industrial design, CMF development, packaging design, product animation video and website design.

VAVA 4k Projector

We designed an ultra short throw projector that was meant to fit in any home. Taking deep consideration for material, color and form this approachable aesthetic will blend into any home environment.

My Expertise

Focus on design

As an Industrial Designer my focus is hardware design, how users interact with it, and how it is physically perceived through site, touch and sometime smell. When all done well and complement each other it leads to a good experience.
Hardware UI/UX
Color, Material
& Finish

My Experience

Creating products with a meaning, designing experiences and identifying opportunities.
About Me
2022 - Current

Reliable Robotics

Influencing and contributing to all points of design in a fast pace startup environments. Highly involved collaboration with a many teams to bring design to all the levels of this aerospace/aviation startup.
Industrial design Lead
2021 - 2022


Successfully worked remote to contribute to a design team focused on bringing internet connectivity and design to homes across the country. Focused on bringing tech into homes and letting it disappear while being highly functional.
Industrial Design Contractor
2020 - 2021

Hatch Duo

Lead design projects through contributions and oversight of creative solutions of products. Collaborate with a diverse group of designers, engineers and other cross functional teams to create concepts in hardware and experiences that better connect people.
Industrial Design Contractor
2018 - 2020


Collaborate with a diverse group of designers, engineers and other cross functional teams to create concepts in hardware and experiences that better connect people. Successfully contributed to the near-term and future products and experiences that guide the development of Facebook products.
INdustrial design Contractor
2013 - 2018

Y Studios

As part of a close-knit and talented design team, developed a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, IOT, wearables, industrial equipment, medical products, and soft goods. In addition to developing the design and experience of each product, led projects by maintaining communication with clients, engineers and suppliers. Regularly took trips overseas to give design input on production parts, assembly, and CMF.
Industrial Designer - Senior Industrial Designer

Dashdot Studios

As an intern in a small design team, made major contributions to product development. Generated concepts and validated ideas through prototypes that were pitched to clients and developed into production parts.
Industrial design intern
currently in
Oakland, CA


I'm always tinkering, whether on motor bikes, or in the kitchen I enjoy my creative expression in other forms. As well as staying active on on bike or on the mountain.

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